A credit card company ran an advertising campaign for several years, proclaiming “It’s everywhere you want to be.” The company was Visa®, but a group of young theorists thought it would be more appropriate if it were Master Card®. Theorist Holly Mirau coined the adaptation of the slogan: “The Master Chord: It’s everywhere you want to be.” This makes reference to the diminished seventh chord which can easily get you to any new key.
This concludes the introduction to modulation and brings the study of Chromatic Harmony to a close. It is highly recommended that theorists continue their pursuit of knowledge by studying Post-Tonal Theory, Form and Analysis, Counterpoint, and Orchestration. Those who have successfully mastered the material on this site amd are ready to move on to further study should be congratulated as card-carying theorists.
Audio/video of various assignments:

Assignment 17.02 - Mozart Piano Sonata
Assignment 17.02 - Bach Invention No. 12
Assignment 17.03
Assignment 17.04
Assignment 17.06 - Measures 1-6
Assignment 17.06 - Measures 43-45
Assignment 17.06 - Measures 74-82
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