Though these chords are technically borrowed from the parallel major, the term borrowed chord is not applied to chords such as V in harmonic minor. The major dominant triad is simply considered the product of raising the seventh scale degree in the harmonic form of the mode; V is considered diatonic in harmonic minor.
bVII is an exception. It does not function like a leading tone, although it is often followed by tonic. Sometimes bVII functions as a pre-dominant chord, providing heightened activity near a musically significant return to tonic.
The origin of this term is uncertain. The practice, however, dates back to the Renaissance.
God Is So Good: Traditional. Public Domain.
Search me, O God: Lyrics by James Orr, 1936 (based on Psalm 139:23); traditional Maori melody. Public Domain. Tune name: Maori.
Meekness and Majesty: Lyrics and music by Graham Kendrick. © 1986, Thankyou Music (admin. By EMI Christian Music Publishing).
Purified: Lyrics and music by Michael W. Smith and Deborah D. Smith. © 2001, Word Music, Inc./Smittyfly Music/This Is Your Time Music LLC.
Fugue II for three voices in C minor (BWV 847), measures 28-31:
J. S. Bach, 1722. Public Domain.
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